Contemporary work life has become too hectic leaving us with very little time to start a day afresh. An increasing work load and stress take a toll on our mind and body. In most instances you’d find work place environments adorning attractive interiors to lighten up minds of employees working in an office. Today you’ll find office interiors decorated with fish tanks and plants which are there just to make the employees feel comfortable while they work. Office plants are a common sight in workplace environments to specially help enhance the lively quotient for office interiors. Buy an office plant that is suitable for your environment.

Recently, interior experts started recommending specific plants especially meant for cubicles. These plants are different since cubicles are enclosed chambers with no windows to allow light inside so you have to consider plants which can survive with the least light availability. For cubicles, shade plants are the best option as these office plants have the potential to survive with almost no natural light at all. They have the capacity to live by being exposed to artificial lights.

Before selecting office plants for your cubicle you need to consider your co-workers interests as well. Some of them might be allergic to mould and pollen so you should avoid keeping flowering plants which might trigger allergic outbreaks among other employees sharing the same workplace environment. Luckily cubicle plants don’t generally produce flowers because their system of survival and reproduction is different. Another common phenomenon that might trigger an allergic outbreak is mould which can grow in the soil. The potting of indoor plants involves the use of special soil which is appropriate for plants that grow in an enclosed area. These soils are formulated with chemicals to prevent mould growth in the pot.