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The Value of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants offer numerous benefits in spaces that extend far beyond their visual appeal.

They contribute to improved air quality, reduced health issues, increased productivity, lower absenteeism rates, diminished noise levels, decreased stress levels, and an overall heightened sense of well-being.

"The ability of plants to improve the quality of the air we breathe is now an accepted scientific fact."
Dr BC Wolverton
Retired NASA Scientist

Our Plant Care Service Includes:

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Regular service visits
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Replacement of plants as required at no extra cost
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Regular watering of all plants
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Cleaning & trimming of plants
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Keeping plants free of pests & diseases

Our Indoor Plant Care Service Extends Across Many Industries

Office Blocks
Property Developments

Budgeting for Beauty

Whatever your budget, we have the range of pots and indoor office plants for you. Our tailor-made options allow you the freedom of choice to create the perfect décor for your space.

Elevate Your Commercial Space in South Africa with Indoor Plants

In the bustling world of business, creating a vibrant and inviting workspace is paramount. One surefire way to do so, while simultaneously enhancing the overall success of your enterprise, is through the strategic use of indoor plants and pots. Welcome to the green revolution, where we’ll explore the best indoor plant ideas for every commercial space in South Africa. From living green walls to indoor trees in beautiful big pots, we will discuss not only the aesthetic appeal of these green wonders but also how they can positively impact your business in terms of turnover, staff morale, staff retention, and brand perception.

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Established since 1979, Bidvest Execuflora is South Africa’s #1 Commercial Landscaping & Potscaping Specialist.

Indoor plant installations can significantly benefit your business in the following ways ~

The integration of indoor plants, whether through living green walls, vertical gardens, hanging gardens, potted plants, or indoor trees in beautiful big pots, is an investment that yields remarkable returns for your commercial space in South Africa. It’s time to bring the vibrant essence of nature indoors and let your commercial space flourish.

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