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About Us

Experienced and Proudly Bidvest

Execuflora was established in 1979 by two founding partners when the interior landscaping industry was in its infancy. Through the years, Execuflora has emerged as a market leader for indoor plants, servicing more than 90 000 indoor planters per week for over 3,000 clients nationwide. 

Our Clients Include:

  • Small, Medium & Large Businesses
  • Malls & Shopping Centres
  • Corporate Offices
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Property Developments
  • Airports  

In November 2003, Execuflora was acquired by Bidvest and is currently incorporated into the Bidvest Services division.

Our Passion for Quality

Our commitment to indoor plant quality has been a driving passion from the initial establishment of Execuflora.  To ensure we remain focused on our core business and that the highest of standards are always a top priority, we have specialised solely in the design and installation of indoor pots, live or artificial plants, flowers, green walls and canvas picture rentals.

In line with our core belief, we have invested considerable capital over the years into our own greenhouse facilities.  Our greenhouses total 12,700 square meters and include the tallest commercial greenhouse in Southern Africa, for the holding and acclimatising of up to 8 metre indoor plants or indoor tree materials. Our greenhouses allow us to mostly be independent of indoor plant suppliers and hence we have control on the supply and quality of indoor plants required for our operations.

Professional Associations

Bidvest Execuflora are members of the Green Building Council. Clients can be assured that we have the know-how and expertise to develop a green strategy that works for your business.

Proud Members Of The Green Building Council

The Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) is an independent, non-profit company that was formed in 2007 to lead the greening of South Africa’s built environment.

Green Building Council South Africa developed the Green Star SA rating system and is the official certification body for Green Star SA projects. They are a dedicated team of industry experts working in collaboration with industry bodies, leaders, government departments and professionals to develop market-based green solutions for the South African property industry.

Proud Members Of The South African Landscaping Institute

SALI consists of a vast network of members, principal and suppliers, through out South Africa who are guided by the SALI Constitution and Code of Conduct. SALI members endeavor to improve the standard of the landscaping industry by adhering to the Minimum Specifications laid down by SALI and by so doing ensure clients get increased value and professionalism you can trust.

SALI Members offer many services, including design, irrigation, commercial and residential landscaping. The client also has security knowing that behind every landscaper is a responsible Institute.